My awesome Steambox / Big Picture setup

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This is to help document my Steambox / Steam Big Picture setup. I invested a lot of research and energy into getting this guy going 🙂

Main Hardware:
Intel Core i7-4770K
GTX 960
Windows 7 x64

What I have going on:
TV is configured on HDMI 3 to receive input from my gaming PC as a third monitor. Gaming PC is in my office, TV is in my den. In order to “start gaming” you set the TV to HDMI 3, hit Back + A on the wireless Xbox controller to enable the third monitor, then hold down the Xbox middle button for 5 seconds to launch Steam. It’s now gaming time, all without touching the PC’s keyboard or mouse, or configuring anything manually!

Required additional hardware purchases (for me):

Required software:

  • Ice – Allows you to include Emulators and ROMs into your Steam Big Picture. Super helpful for one-click launching of ROMs. (
  • AutoHotKey – I created hotkey combos to do things such as expand and (un?)expand my desktop to my TV, enable the sound output to go over HDMI to the TV, etc. (
  • JoyToKey – I mapped several key combos from my XBox controller to my keyboard. I then mapped those same keyboard keys to actions in AutoHotKey. The result? I can now press button combos on the controller and have it expand my desktop to my PC without me ever having to touch the keyboard! Cool stuff! (
  • EndPointController – This allows you to control your sound output via CLI. I use this in conjunction with JoyToKey and AutoHotKey to change my playback device in Windows to the HDMI device automatically. (
  • NoMousy – This hides the mouse cursor via CLI. Very useful for keeping the mouse cursor out of the middle of the TV.

Software configuration:

  • Ice – Here is an example of how to configure the emulator launching for Wii: emulators.txt
  • AutoHotKey – Here are the hotkey configuration and batch files I am using for enabling / disabling my TV as a third monitor. I am also enabling/disabling the HDMI auto output as the default audio output, and hiding/unhiding the mouse cursor: GameOff.ahk GameOff.bat GameOn.ahk GameOn.bat
  • JoyToKey – Here’s the mapping I am using for Xbox controller-to-Keyboard mapping. AutoHotKey then picks up the keyboard keys and runs your scripts. I also included ExitCombination.cfg which allows you to press Back and Start at the same time on the Xbox Controller to exit out of Dolphin (the Wii emulator): JoyToKey.ini ExitCombination1.cfg
  • EndPointcontroller – No configuration for this one, the batch scripts that AutoHotKey executes uses it.
  • NoMousy – No configuration for this one either, the batch scripts that AutoHotKey executes uses it.

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